TetilaEarly flowering, wide leafed annual ryegrass with good early growth.  Tetila is an older variety that tends to run to flower very early.  Once reproductive, plant becomes stalky and non-palatable.  Outclassed by newer tetraploids such as R2.

  • Name: Tetila
  • Category: Annual Ryegrass
  • Rainfall: 600mm-700mm+
  • pH: 5-8
  • Maturity: Early
  • Soil Type: Most types
  • Sowing Rate: 20-25 kg/ha (Pure) 10-15 kg/ha (Mixes)
  • Features:
    • Early flowering, erect tetraploid annual ryegrass
    • Moderate rust resistance
    • No regeneration capacity
    • Now outclassed by newer more productive cultivars like R2
    • Both USA and Australian available
  • Performance:

    Tetila performs well in early stages, especially when sown early, but newer varieties outclass in terms of regrowth, dry matter production and feed quality after first grazing.

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